How do you create a blogger account?

Assalamuulikum I am Akash Hossain. Tell me something about the blog which you can earn from 8 to 10 thousand rupees a month.

For this you have to write articles. There are simple methods for writing articles, whether you want your phone or you can do it with a laptop or a PC. For this you need to know some information. You can write about the subject of the expert. You can write about what you like. You can write about the technology, you can write stories.

First of all, you have to login to the blog. You must search and sign up with your Gmail account. Then you have to click on Create New Blog. Then you have to give your website title and let's address the address of your website.

And you have to select a name that can be easily added by searching the name. Then you need a template .To download the template you can get it on Google. You can find thousands of templates by typing Blogger Template by downloading a free template from where you can download and customize the tabs to customize your choice. You can take it Go to and download a template from your favorite category as a category.

After downloading the theme you have to go to Thames. Backup and Reset is to be clicked. The file you download must be updated to the XML file inside.

Then you have to click on the lay out to customize your theme like your mind, you can put your logo here and you can place it if you have some advertise.

Now you learn how to write the post.

To post a post, click on your new post. First you have to write the title of the post. Here you can link you can give the image. To use the link, select your text and click on the link, then paste your link there and give it to the back. There are two programs in this one open in a new tab, another is loading, you can show it from here. To use the image, your image is a You can use the image by clicking on the icon that has the icon, uploading your image there. On the right side, the first setting of the post is Label.Lewel option, you can use many Impertent Labels to find out many posts through one click.

If you have any questions, I can comment. I will try to help you with the Thanks for Watching.

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