how to do Bangla typing with PC

how to do Bangla typing with PC


There are two software for Bangla typing, one is Avro keyboard, and another is Bijoy keyboard, it can be easily typed in Bangla by using two softwares, if you install a computer, you can do Bangla typing.

How do you install Avro Keyboard software, click here to download this software,

After the download is complete you will need to open the download folder. Now you will have to start the setup by double-clicking on it, then you will get a notification for the install which will be sent and no you will have to click yes.

Then there will be a new window open. Here you can see the Welcome to the Avro Keyboard Setup window. You will have to give this message below, you will need to click next to the next.

When you click on Next, a new window will open. Here are the rules for them. To get rid of this rush, you have to fix the revenue in the agreement, then you have to click Next.

If you want to set up a new Windows system, then you can change this name by setting it up or you can click next.

Now you have to select your language, which country you are in. If you are from India, then you have to select Indian language language and if you are from Bangladesh, then you will select Bangla Language and then click next. Then you have to click on install. Click on the History of Cricket Finnish button.

how to satep avro

What you have to do now is to complete the installation when you are already completing a logo of Avro keyboard in your desktop, you can double click on the logo or if you want to restart your computer what will be your avro-keyboard Automatically set up.

You can also double-click the Avro keyboard if you want. After opening Avro Keyboard, you can go to a pop-up menu on the desktop and if you want you can type both English and English.


The first option beside it is the Layout View, your keyboard shortcut has been highlighted. How can I type Bengali in English keyboard, its full menu is given.

Apart from this, you have the option of passing your character through the mouse to the lunar eclipse with one of your options.

And all of them are given in the voice rays. Hope you do not have any trouble for Bangla typing, using this software.

You can also use the victory keyboard if you want. Click here to download Bijoy Keyboard T

If you have any problems understanding you can comment or see my YouTube video

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